Born and raised in the South Bay, Sophia is studying to become a medical doctor. She loves working creatively with her hands and can knit basically everything.


Born in Taiwan but raised in the East Bay, Ben currently works in venture capital. He loves comic books and technology and in another world, he would have become a superhero cartoon voice actor.

Ben & Sophia - The Early Years

Special thanks to Sophia's sister & bridesmaid Sarah for putting this little piece together

How It All Got Started

Ben and Sophia met at a holiday party Sophia's parents hosted in December 2001. Their dads were working together at the time, and Sophia's dad invited Ben's family over. Ben had heard from his parents (because Asian parents have a time-honored tradition of spreading gossip about each others' kids) that Sophia was a brilliant writer. But that night, he learned that not only was she every bit as smart as his parents had said, she was also beautiful and extremely witty.

Sophia, on the other hand, had the good sense to immediately see that Ben had nothing of value. So, despite Sophia's younger sister Sarah's oddly accurate/brilliant prediction that night that the two would get married some day, nothing came out of their first encounter.

Flash forward one-and-a-half years to when Ben and Sophia realized they were both going to be attending the same college... and living right by each other, no less! There, far away from home, Ben and Sophia became friends and, shortly thereafter, Ben asked Sophia out on their first date ... to the Au Bon Pain across the street from their dorm. (No, you didn't read that wrong. Ben seriously asked Sophia to Au Bon Pain. The only explanation ever given for how this worked is that Sophia did not think it was a date.)

What started as one date turned into many as Ben and Sophia stayed together through college, through Ben's first and second job, and through Sophia's Fulbright and medical school. Which, of course, brings us to...

The Proposal

July 7, 2012: It was Sophia's birthday, and she had decided to spend a part of the day with her family in the South Bay. Little did she know that while she was gone, Ben was setting up what he hoped to be a very special birthday present.

When Sophia returned home, she was greeted by a trail of stuffed animals guiding her from the garage through the kitchen, the dining room, up the stairs, into the study, to the bedroom, and finally the bedroom walk-in closet where Ben waited on bent knee, David Choi's By My Side playing, and popped the question.

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