Cat - Maid of Honor
  • Friends with Sophia since first day of high school
  • Loves Dorothy Dunnett even more than Sophia
  • Admiral Ackbar aficionado
  • Gourmet Chef
Eric - Best Man
  • Unlucky enough to have been roommates with Ben in college
  • Met Sophia in high school at TASP
  • Sophia's Math 25 co-survivor
Sarah - Bridesmaid
  • Sophia's younger sister
  • Was there when Ben & Sophia first met and uncannily predicted their marriage
Kevin - Groomsman
  • Ben's younger brother
  • Master programmer and electrical engineer
  • Introduced Ben to Naruto
Surbhi - Bridesmaid
  • Friends with Sophia since high school
  • Sophia's regular dim sum partner
Anthony - Groomsman
  • Friends with Ben since high school
  • Introduced Ben to Gundam Seed and Gundam 00
  • Gives Ben a place to crash when he goes to Comic Con
Patricia - Bridesmaid
  • Sophia's medical school co-survivor
  • Makes amazing brownies and mojitos
  • Sophia's fellow ramen connoisseur
Adrian - Groomsman
  • Friends with Ben since college
  • Turned Ben to the dark side by telling him about consulting
  • Ben's still not sure if he's made or lost money on their investment club
Wes - Officiant
  • Worked with and mentored Ben and Sophia at Stanford
  • Graciously turned a blind eye when Ben and Sophia would "disappear" during the day
Arthur - Reader
  • Works with Ben at DCM
  • Buyer of Ben and Sophia's first and only barbeque grill
River - Reader
  • Used to do laundry with Ben in college
  • Introduced Ben to so many comic books and things
Jenn - Reader
  • Ben's favorite Shanghai-nese gal
  • Only person Ben knows from West Virginia
  • Ben's Statistical Mechanics war-buddy
Julia - Reader
  • Roommates with Sophia and Meghan in college
  • Bonded with Sophia over Chinese Bx
Meghan - Reader
  • Roommates with Sophia and Julia in college
  • Shares Sophia's love of tea and introduced Sophia to Rooibos
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